Why choose us?


In case you needed even more reasons to choose Scubabo Quantum’s Program to boost your career, here are 14 reasons why: 

This is the only program of its type offered on the Great Barrier Reef and in Australia as a whole;


You will learn and develop internationally recognised skills that will enhance your career;


You will be granted a permit for your own research project in the Great Barrier Reef for the length of your participation in the program;


You will have exclusive access to the Frankland Island group and its unique and pristine environment;


You will be able to make full use of the Frankland Island research station to complete research for yourself and the Great Barrier Reef;


You will work alongside other scientists in the field as a dive professional, and contribute data to one of the most valuable and vunerable ecosystems on earth;


You will receive the most advanced training on the market - providing extensive scientific, diving and photography skills;


You will work alongside approachable and knowledgable staff with many years of marine and experience;


You will have the opportunity to build your own underwater photography portfolio and to develop your skills with equipment equivalent to that used by National Geographic;


You will share life, ideas and knowledge with like-minded individuals who are also looking forward to growing their careers and making a real impact in the world of environmental conservation;


You will be diving in iconic locations full of marine life and opportunities to learn;


You will get the chance to experience life in Cairns and Far North Queensland, surrounded by natural wonders;


You will be living in western-style accomodation with all amenities included;


We offer competitive pricing for the level of training, facilities and support during your traineeship.