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Hydrographic surveys

Scubabo Quantum specialises in attaining, interpreting, and reporting seabed information and data. Our company provides high-quality hydrographic survey services and support for port and harbour environmental management and habitat mapping. Our experience with Single Beam Echo Sounder (SBES), Multibeam Echo Sounder (SBES), RTK GNSS and mobile laser scanning (MLS) to generate bathymetric maps, models, and survey systems will ensure individual jobs are tailored to their operational needs. Scubabo Quantum’s total hydrographic, bathymetric surveys are conducted exclusively by professionally recognised Certified Hydrographic Surveyors, assessed by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP) through the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute.

Water Quality

Scubabo Quantum has extensive experience in designing and implementing water quality monitoring programs. Conducting over 300 water sampling events to date, MIV has established a close working relationship with laboratories to ensure consistent, high-quality analysis of results. With access to a range of vessels, field equipment, and professional crew, Scubabo Quantum provides our clients with the flexibility to safely and efficiently support all water quality monitoring needs.

Habitat Monitoring

Scubabo Quantum is readily equipped, capable, and highly efficient in completing habitat monitoring services by utilising a variety of sophisticated methodologies. We can conduct marine ecological surveys for a range of targeted and protected marine habitats to assess the impact of maritime development and activities on the epibenthic and infaunal communities they support. Our knowledge and involvement in implementing habitat monitoring programs will allow your organisation to meet the project’s operational requirements.

Marine Mammal Observation

Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) are a crucial element of Scubabo Quantum as they ensure our clients are provided with the most current legislative information on marine wildlife sightings. Our team are specialists in the design, implementation and reporting of marine mammal mitigation programs to reduce the impacts of noise pollution on marine mammals, which has allowed our clients to maximise efforts and reach their operational targets.

Seabed coring and sampling

Scubabo Quantum provides first-class marine seabed coring and sampling services. We are familiar with the procedures and process for sediment sampling and assessment and the means for the samples to be collected safely and handled appropriately for relevant analysis. We have the equipment and capabilities to collect sediment samples in accordance with our client’s requirements for the given project, be it hand-collected by divers, from onboard our vessel by grab sampler, corer, or otherwise.

Video & Photographic Recording

Scubabo Quantum has long term experience in underwater high-resolution photography and videography, utilising a range of techniques and equipment to collate data. Video footage is reviewed by our team of marine scientists who are experienced in determining habitat structure, community types and species composition. We undertake GPS overlay videos using drop cameras from our vessels, and footage from our highly qualified scientific dive team followed by the development of high-quality shapefiles and maps.

Scubabo Quantum Marine Research Location - Fish looking at the camera

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