Frankland Islands


Join Scubabo Quantum on Frankland Islands, an untouched and exclusive slice of paradise on the Great Barrier Reef!


The Frankland Island group is a collection of 5 incredibly picturesque, uninhabited islands approximately 45km from Cairns. The Frankland Islands have special significance for the Mandingalby Yidinji and Gungandji Aboriginal people who fished, hunted and gathered food on these islands and the adjacent sea country.  Part of an ancient coastal mountain range cut off from the mainland several thousand years ago these islands were named by captain James Cook in 1770. The jungles, mangroves, beaches and reefs are fully protected under Australian law making the waters around the islands a haven for all manner of marine species including turtles and manta rays. As part of Scubabo Quantum you will be granted exclusive access to this unique ecosystem. The islands host our very own research station with its untouched reefs forming an ideal environment for marine training and scientific research. In addition to contributing data to the GBRMPA and our own long term monitoring you will also be able to develop and conduct your own surveys for undergraduate, masters or doctoral projects. Frankland Islands truly has everything a researcher could ask for including dedicated boats for scientific study as well as on site camping facilities in order for you to maximise your time in the field.

We have partnered with the Frankland Island group, to bring our trainees the number one unique working and living experience. 

Trainees will work from, on and around The uninhabited Frankland islands, as well as overnight camping on the beaches, and full access to the island, its rainforest, and its secluded beaches and coves. Scubabo run all of the dive and in-water operations on the island, as well as running the photography aspects for Franklin Islands, meaning that our trainees will be diving from this picturesque chain of islands regularly, and have endless opportunities to improve their photography and online digital skills, whilst working alongside industry professionals. 

Frankland island have also offered Scubabo Quantum Research Sector the exclusive use of their scientific research vessel, designed entirely for all forms of data collection and analysis, perfect for any form of surveying you may wish to conduct, or data you may wish to collect!