Industry Services


Our Capabilities

Our experience and expertise in the scientific aspect of underwater environments coupled with the added benefit of being occupational divers (AHCLPW305) and with years of experience means that we can provide expert knowledge with well-established methods for data collection, both qualitative and quantitative to cater for any project requirement our clients may require.

Our team is mobile across the world but our key bases in Queenscliff, Victoria & Cairns, North Queensland, put us in the heart land of some of the most significant ecological systems in this country, this gives us valuable experience in diverse environments which means our ability to meet client needs anywhere is well honed by our local experiences.

Examples of Services we provide:

  • High resolution underwater photography and videography analysis

  • Installation of remote baited camera traps for species identification

  • Organism relocation with post and pre-transplant monitoring

  • Taxonomic identification and biodiversity surveys

  • Nekton and plankton biodiversity surveys using a range of sampling techniques including nets and hand collection

  • Benthic and epifaunal communities surveys, including algae, macro algae, hard and oft corals and sea grass meadows

  • Water sampling for salinity, turbidity and a variety of abiotic factors

  • Acoustic monitoring and mitigation measures for marine mammals in relation to military and commercial noise pollution

  • Installation and maintenance of artificial habitats

  • Specific commercially operated vessels for subsea survey, dive & scientific team support in varying conditions from inland to offshore capabilities.

We are readily trained and available to participate in Marine Science and Environmental projects across Australia. If you would like to enquire further about the services we can provide for you and your business, please contact us!