The Quantum Program


Welcome to Scubabo Quantum, a unique and innovative science and dive traineeship based on the world famous great Barrier Reef. We offer the highest levels of diving and scientific training currently available to kick-start your marine science career.

Start as a recreational Open Water Diver and make your way up to the professional level, obtaining your Dive Master certification. This qualification not only allows you to work as a professional in the recreational diving industry, but is also a minimum requirement for many marine science positions around the world.


This commericially recognised program meets and exceeds international marine scientific diving requirements and has been created with the Australian Government to train scientists that take part in marine research activities; such as surveying, monitoring and inspecting. The course develops specific skills required to conduct scientific diving safely and in an efficient manner. All training is in compliance with the Australian standard for occupational diving requirements. This is the most comprehensive scientific diver program currently offered anywhere in Australia and is a must have for any aspiring marine scientists.

2.  Scientific diver training

Scubabo Quantum is unique in offering the opportunity for marine scientists to conduct their own personal research and to collect data for undergraduate, master's or doctoral research using our facilities and expertise. We will equip you with all of the knowledge and skills required to design your own marine surveys as well as the techniques used to survey a wide range of marine species and habitats. In addition you will be contributing to the ongoing conservation efforts of the Great Barrier Reef by supplying much needed data to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. You will receive in depth classroom and practical in water training from our team of experienced marine researchers and divers.

3. Marine research

Boost your career further with commercial photography training. Learn advanced photographic techniques with state of the art underwater photography equipment while compiling your own portfolio of professional images from the Great Barrier Reef. You also receive instruction on the uses of photographic and video imagery in marine research and how to incorporate these techniques into your own surveys.


are you ready to kickstart your career in the marine research industry?