Eye on the Reef- Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

In collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Scubabo Quantum co-created the Rapid Monitoring, and Reef Health and Impact Survey for the Eye on the Reef Program. Our team implemented the initial scientific surveys for substrate health and composition, and provided the required training and online materials for the GBRMPA to deliver to the public.

The developed Rapid Monitoring Survey provides guidance to anyone who wants to learn about reef systems through a standardised assessment of reef health, allowing the reporting of impacts such as the presence of crown-of-thorns starfish and coral bleaching to increase public awareness of species-specific importance in reef function.

Further, The Reef Health and Impact Survey is used by trained monitoring professionals as a scientific tool to provide robust information on the health of a particular reefs. The survey includes habitat and quantifiable impact assessment measures to be obtained and aligns with the institute of Marine Science long term Monitoring Program to further understand impacts and principles for management on the Great Barrier Reef.

In just a short time working on this project Scubabo Quantum has developed a significant relationship with the GBRMPA due to our high level of professionalism, capabilities and previous experience in the recreational aspects of diving. Our collaboration with the GBRMPA has granted Scubabo Quantum the access to the unique areas of national parklands and the world heritage listed places.

Scubabo Quantum is very proud to have contributed to The Eye on the Reef citizens science project as the platform contributes to the long-term protection of the Great barrier Reef through collecting important data about marine animals, reef health and incidents to inform how we must manage the reef.

Point Wilson Waterside Infrastructure Remediation Project.

Scubabo Quantum is currently assisting (2019-2022) in the delivery of marine ecological programs at the Point Wilson Waterside Infrastructure Remediation (PWWIR) Project for the Australian Department of Defence in Victoria. Our involvement in the Tier 1 PWWIR project; to undertake research and provide a variety of data collection services including marine mammals observation, water quality monitoring, marine flora and fauna surveys, habitat mapping and hydrographic surveying to ensure be a part of the marine survey, targeted marine flora and fauna surveys have been undertaken to identify important and / or threatened species.

Marine mammal observations.

  • Remediate the Point Wilson Explosives Area (PWEA) waterside infrastructure in order to enable the recommencement of bulk EO importation operations at the PWEA.
  • Our team are permitted to work in this restricted access environment and have all of the required documentation, permits and certifications to undertake work on such a high-profile project. Our role in the project will contribute to the recommencement of bulk EO importations operations at the Point Wilson Explosive Area (PWEA)
  • This experience and expertise in the scientific aspect of underwater environments coupled with the added benefit of being occupational divers and with years of experience means that we can provide expert knowledge with well-established methods for data collection, both qualitative and quantitative to cater for any project requirement our clients may require.